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Name:Team Zude
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to Team Zude, the community for Jude & Zero from the VH1 tv show ‘Hit the Floor’!

Credit: Alwaysalir

(The main focus of this community is Jude & or / Zero, but since I have been unable to find any other community for this show,
I will allow other character/pairings here. Just make sure you follow the rules and label your posts accordingly.)


1. All types of fanworks are welcome here, from fic to graphics to vids to mixes to meta to recs to picspams, and anything else I might not have thought of.

2. All ratings and genres are welcome, including crossovers and AUs. (No RPF, please. I’d like this community to focus on the characters of Jude & Zero.)

3. Please use an informative subject line that includes the type of post (ie, Fic, Meta, etc), the focus of the post (ie, Jude/Zero, Zero’s past, Jelena/Terrence, etc), and the rating (if applicable).


Fic: I Found Love, Jude/Zero, NC17
Meta: Zero is a product of his past
Icons: Jelena/Terrence, PG13

4. Use a header for all fanworks that includes at least the following information, if applicable:

This info helps me when tagging, so please be as complete as possible. Thanks in advance!

5. Unless you are merely posting an announcement linking to your fanwork hosted elsewhere, all fiction, graphics (with the exception of two or three teaser icons or thumbnail), spoilers for the summer special, adult content, and any long post must be placed behind a cut. (The header should be left outside the cut tag.)

6. Please do not lock your posts here in the community or link to friends-locked posts. This is a community site and I would very much like to keep it as open and accessible as possible. (The only exception to this rule is: if you’re sharing uploads or something along those lines, then you may lock your post here at the community.)

7. No flaming. If you see something you don’t like, then skip it.

8. You may tag your own posts. I will create new tags as needed.

Your moderator is Spikedluv. *waves* If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! You may contact me via e-mail at spikedluv @

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